First of all, I'd like to start with a disclaimer. I just realize this; it has been almost a year since my previous blog post. This time gap means a lot of things for me because I've done a lot of radical changes in my life. Moving from Istanbul was one of them.

I can say this I was strongly coupled with the communities in Istanbul. Usually, those were open source communities or local civic organizations. I was feeling more satisfied in my life while I'm doing something collectively. For this reason, leaving the homeland was one more step harder for me.

One of my friends in my new city was aware of this and mentioned me about Krakow event of Django Girls community. I already knew this community in Istanbul; my friends were organizing, and I joined a few times. Such a woman-oriented community was not a new thing for me, but I had never done a mentorship in any one of them. This means nothing for me, but I've been asked a lot of times by my circle. I can answer this now, we've done a good thing.

I was not thinking to touch such a sensitive topic, but I wanted to express my thoughts after my experience. To be honest, I'm not looking for something that politically-correct. I don't believe this term; it's an illusion. You can question everything and act according to your deeply questioned values, and congrats, you have nothing at the end of the day except your legitimacy and bunch of meaningless discussions.

I believe that creating a concrete thing for the well-being of the community is the most important aspect. Django Girls is doing this very well. I think the numbers can tell all of the story.

Since 2014, an army of 939 volunteers in the Django Girls community organized 430 events. We've been to 293 cities in 75 countries. A total of 10062 incredible women attended events organized by members of our community.

We had a chance to see a presentation about the history of Django Girls in workshop day. I was not aware of this impact before the presentation.

During the workshop day, we followed the tutorial written by Django Girls community. I strongly recommend to check this documentation if you are trying to get into Django.


Many thanks to the organizers of Django Girls Krakow. Even we had a simultaneous translator as a non-polish speaker group. Thanks for such a possibility, and keep on being awesome!

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